Atlantis – Self Watering Planter

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Atlantis self-watering planters make it easy to keep your plants healthy and hydrated. With various colours available, you can create a peaceful indoor green space perfect for relaxing.

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Harshdeep’s Atlantis self-watering planters revolutionize the way we care for our plants, making it effortless to maintain their health and hydration. These innovative planters are designed with a sophisticated self-watering system that ensures your plants receive the perfect amount of water they need to thrive.

Beyond their functionality, the Atlantis planters are available in a wide range of captivating colors. Whether you prefer a vibrant green or a calming blue, these planters allow you to create a peaceful and rejuvenating indoor green space that suits your personal style. The diverse color options enable you to seamlessly integrate these planters into any interior design theme, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your living space.

With Harshdeep’s Atlantis self-watering planters, cultivating a lush indoor garden has never been easier or more enjoyable. Not only do they simplify plant care, but they also provide a visually pleasing environment for relaxation and tranquility. Experience the convenience and beauty of the Atlantis planters, and watch as your plants flourish in a stress-free and vibrant indoor oasis.

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1. Application at gardens, Indoor house, Balcony, Building terrace, Building lobby or offices
2. Polypropylene Pot / Planter for your home.
3. 100% Recyclable pots