Doctor Earth (50 ml)


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IFFCO Urban Gardens Doctor Earth- Natural Protection from Soil Borne Fungal, Bacterial and Nemetodal Diseases Р100% Water Soluble
Doctor Earth is used to protect plants from soil borne disease such as Wilt, White Mold, and Root Rot etc. It enriches soil with natural and beneficial anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-nematicidal microbes, leading to healthy and more productive soil and roots. A Healthy soil leads to a living, dynamic ecosystem, with improved nutrient cycling, water and nutrient holding capacity, and other benefits resulting in robust plant growth.
Natural soil microflora, Inert Carrier Material, Additives
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How to Use

1. Dilute 5ml in 1 Litre water and mix well.
2. Pour the diluted mixture on the plant soil
3. Repeat weekly, for best results
4. Use early morning or late evening to avoid toxicity
5. Keep in Cool & Dry Place, and out of reach of children