IK Foam Pro 2

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IK Sprayers introduces the durable “IK Foam Pro 2″sprayer, designed for tough applications in various professional industries.

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Goizper Group from Spain brings to you “IK Foam Pro 2” a handheld first of a kind industrial sprayer in Indian Market.

IK Foam Pro 2  has a special nozzle with fan-type foam which gives three types of spray: DRY FOAM, INTERMEDIATE FOAM and WET FOAM. It has a wide filling mouth, ergonomic design, safety valve set at 3 bar (depressurisable), base for greater stability, coloured caps to identify the contents of the tank, safety lock on the opening and closing system.

Application Areas: Ideal for professional cleaning, sanitation and disinfection work, HVAC system cleaning, vehicle washing and detailing, as well as for the disinfection of food processing areas and industrial kitchens.

How to make a perfect foam:
* Follow the dilution ratio recommended by the foaming agent you are using.
*Pressurize the sprayer until the safety valve pops out.
* Make sure the felts are clean.

Technical Specifications for IK Foam Pro 2: 
* Valve:- Tarred at 3 bar
* Useful capacity :-1.25 L
* Total capacity:- 1.9 L
* Gross weight:- 0.7 kg
* Net weight:- 0.56 kg
* Warranty: 12 months warranty against any manufacturing defect(s).
Made in Spain
Weight 1.020 kg
Dimensions 19 × 20 × 35 cm
Special Features:

• Designed for the generation of dry and long lasting foam.
• 3 bar safety valve with depressurization option.
• Large opening for easy filling and cleaning
• Ergonomic design.
• Strong translucent tank with level indicator.
• Protective sleeve for valve chamber.
• Special " foam" even fan type nozzle.

Application Sectors:

Cleaning and disinfection
Automotive and detailing

Products with which to use IK FOAM Pro 2:

Foaming agents.