Mars Sprayer Range 3L / 5L / 8L

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Foggers India brings to you “Mars” Hand compression sprayer for your garden. It can be used for indoor garden as well as larger garden’s at bungalows and farm houses. Mars is easy to use and very convenient to carry. It has an adjustable nozzle which gives two kinds of spray – fine and jet. It is made of one mould HDPE which guarantees a 100% leak proof tank !


Technical Specification for Mars:-
* Capacity:-  3 litres / 5 litres / 8 litres
* Pressure:- 3 bar
* Weight:- 1.9 kg / 2.3 / & 2.6 kg
* Warranty: 12 months warranty against manufacturing defect(s).


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Special Features:

The Mars hand sprayer is a useful tool for your plants.
As there are no joints in the tank, it is completely 100% leak-proof.
In order to make Mars, a 100% UV-stabilized plastic is used.
In addition, it comes with a shoulder strap that allows you to work comfortably even for long periods of operation.

Application Area:

Indoor & outdoor flowering plants, kitchen garden plants indoor & outdoor potted plants. This sprayer is ideal for spraying water, insecticides, foliar fertilizer in the garden, potted plants and nursery beds.